750SS rebuild

  1. Finished ski. This was a total two years in the making. My first paint job and pwc rebuild at 50 years old. Not to bad for an old fart.
  2. 40.00 mats
  3. Finished engine.
  4. Photo0083
  5. Little pump intake work since aftermarket grate is not available for the 97 SS. Oem grate opening is smaller.
  6. 35.00 Ocean Pro ride plate
  7. Love these colors.
  8. New Solas impeller.
  9. All Wiseco top end.
  10. This is what the bottom of the replacement hull looked like.
  11. More color
  12. We have color.
  13. And more sanding.  Someone at some point had pulled the stern loop out.
  14. More sanding.
  15. Lots and lots of sanding.
  16. Lots of serious wear.
  17. Replacement hull. It looked worse in person, but was better than what I had.
  18. 92 750SS 
This is what it started as. Had about 45min of ride time on it when the crank bearings came apart. The result of rust from sinking from...
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