Stock vs Modified Ride Plate

These shots show the distinct difference in angle from a stock ride plate and the plates that I have been modifying with a belt sander and dremel. The camera was mounted on a tripod, so the only change between the pics is the removal and installation of the plates. The straight edge was mounted to the intake grate so it would be in the same position with both plates.
  1. 1. Stock plate with straight edge to show gap at rear of plate.
  2. 2. Removed the grate and straight edge.  Removed six plate bolts and removed stock plate.
  3. 3. Installed modified ride plate.
  4. 4. Secured six mounting bolts
  5. 7. Notice the increased gap.
  6. 6. Secured grate.
  7. 5. Reinstalled intake grate and straight edge.
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