"RXXP" Project

Various pictures of my "RXXP" project ('01 RXX hood components on an '05 RXP). This ski, along with my other project ski, is receiving detailed hull modifications and truing. Both projects will start with internally stock engines, 11+ psi SC's, and stock ECU's. The goal is to extract as much speed as possible through hull modifications and weight removal/distribution. After initial testing I will consider bumping up the horsepower. (More pics to follow)
  1. Look, no front grate bolt
  2. Look, no rear grate bolts
  3. Blending intake grate
  4. Painting grate
  5. A little wet sanding with 600 and its done
  6. Filling with a mixture of resin and chopped fiberglass mat
  7. Knife-edged transom
  8. Filled speedometer grooves and wheel location
  9. Blending the hull and modified ride plate
  10. The hull had some high spots
  11. Trying to eliminate the gap between hull and ride plate
  12. Rear view with rear air grab handle modification
  13. Front view with RXX hood
  14. Mocked up before stripping it down and turning it over
  15. RXXP Project.  Mocked-up before flipping it over.
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