2013 FZR

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  7. R&D R1 tune, air intake, ribbon delete, intake grate, sponsons, ride plate, & TJ FF exhaust. 75.5mph @ 8260rpm
  8. Spark arrestor (ribbon) vs the R&D power sleeve (ribbon delete).
  9. Stock spark arrestor AKA ribbon in the intake manifold.
  10. Intake manifold removed from the head.
  11. Intake manifold removed for ribbon delete and to tap for a BOV.
  12. ECU out for R&D R1 reflash.
  13. R&D cool air intake installed.
  14. Top speed with 3.3 hours on the engine. Modifications at the time were R&D intake grate, R&D sponsons, & R&D ride plate.
  15. Styrofoam under the hood removed for better air flow.
  16. R&D ride plate bottom view
  17. R&D ride plate top view
  18. Top speed with 1.4 hours on the motor. Mods at the time were R&D intake grate and R&D sponsons. 3/4 tank of fuel with trim all the way up.
  19. Removed the safety and warning stickers and replaced with a few of my own. No more aftermarket stickers will be placed on the ski. Keeping this one...
  20. R&D sponsons installed
  21. Engine cover removed. Brackets are gone now as well.
  22. Riva mirror block offs installed
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