1. wiring was a pain in the ass. had to run more battery cable for my locations, but I really thought about the locations, and decided this was best
  2. IMG 3160
  3. tight fit, alittle awkward, but im planning on adding the remote control waterproof keypad 
the unit is the sony with the built in ipod dock. it...
  4. off switch for ACR charging relay, negative grounding buss bar, and rear of ACR charging relay. I used red Loctite on all the screw connections. not...
  5. theres also another toggle switch for the low profile bilge pump mounted at the lowest spot in hull
  6. running wiring to second battery location. that is a mockup battery I promise
  7. batt switch
  8. note the dual charging relay. you don't really need to see it, so no point in putting it in the dash!
  9. I probably took the motor in and out about 4 times. im a pro now. funny thing, I saw an suv for sale locally, a project where they split the hull in...
  10. slowly but surely
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  12. image
  13. image
  14. image
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