suv build

  1. taking images to mark hotspots:)
  2. Slot snook in season with permit! was delicious. but got a $100 no wake zone ticket. I was going 3mph!?!?! but worth it for the slot snook,...
  3. theres no definitive numbers outthere for additive to gelcoat. for small batches, this is what I used. worked great, and has held up
  4. taking a break from the ocean and filling gator tags on the very last day of the season :)
  5. bait timer, 5 foot stick anchor
  6. approx. 9 gal. I run an air bubbler periodically during day. I fill with pilchards, halfway thru day put frozen water bottle in, and I still HAVE NOT...
  7. have since removed the t fitting. use a separate bilge pump to fill and empty bait tank
  8. I have a cnc router, but I jigsaw the lid. came out pretty clean, deburr everything well!!! your hands get pruney at end of day and cut easy
  9. odd shape, but is molded for a tight slide in fit. the bottom fits into the crevice at the bottom of the storage compartment
  10. recess around edge for clearance to smoosh the lid seal
  11. haven't gotten an exact amount gallons it is, but I assume 9 gal.
  12. taking a break and visiting my friend and his Galapagos
  13. very first test run day. first day had a leak, that I had to go home and seal. I was nervous as hell this whole day, but didn't break down or sink!!!
  14. IMG 4178
  15. the nice thing about gelcoating with blue, its always slightly pigmented differently, which makes it super easy to apply coat layers
  16. this clear lid I discarded and made without the notches
  17. teak and holly ply 3/4". as you can see in finish pictures, I cut some of the wood away 
Theres no instructions! im pretty sure im the first person...
  18. trial and error. you can see the bottom where I wanted to take up the tunnel created by fitting snug in the crevice in the storage compartment . if I...
  19. fitting template for the wedge that simply holds the tank in place.
  20. leaving room underneath. I considered adding a bracket to the hatch catch, to the bait tank, but decided not to. the tank hasn't moved, and I was in...
  21. more fitting
  22. IMG 4127
  23. IMG 4126
  24. glassing area. I was suuuuper lazy masking off ski. mask it all off lol. you get the glass and resin everywhere. its on your clothes and you lean on...
  25. IMG 4082
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