2007/2008 Ozarks

pics from 2007, 2008, lake of the Ozarks.
  1. P2150064
  2. P2150091
  3. P2150154
  4. P2150151
  5. P2150106
  6. P2150137
  7. P2150054
  8. typical poor town living
  9. get high enough and you can find snow even at the Equator
  10. P2160155
  11. P2150072
  12. P8290273
  13. still ridin! march 4th. 2009. need the damn lake to melt so i can get the ski back on the water!!
  14. for when the lakes freeze! my winter ski
  15. mutated ski!
  16. perfect three point landing
  17. Split Decision, Baja's tour boat. we did four Poker runs this summer and he was at everyone.
  18. our thirtyeight foot Eliminator. twim 500 EFI's with Pro chargers etc. 1500 H.P. and of course my ski!
  19. frequent runner on the Ozarks. His is a 44ft BlackThunder.
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