First glance

Here's the condition of the PWC, before I begin... (the previous owner said "it ran just fine last year, and it's been winterized since then") (commentary with nearly all pictures)
  1. (as you can see) I've removed the plug (placed below the hole), to look inside... what is this? (and) -am I suppose to add some kind of fluid here?...
  2. I noticed the clear vent tube, from here, led to nowhere -loosely unconnected somewhere randomly under the engine ...wonder where that's suppose to...
  3. I found this ghetto-rigged hose, with a stick shoved in one end, connected to this brass-colored piece... the prev owner said that's where i'm...
  4. Caption
  5. I bought a new battery, and laid it in there (to test some things); however, I'll have to figure out how to hold it down... one of the anchor bolts...
  6. I later discovered the batter cover, stuffed behind the rubber hoses here  :-)
  7. how does a hull get this dirty?  (I've got a lot of detail work to do...)
  8. dirty hull...
  9. better view of fuel lines... and...dirty hull
  10. I greased this fitting today (with marine grease)
  11. Very odd scratches on whatever that part is called  (....should I care? -lol)
  12. pretty sure that I need new tires on the trailer... the axles appeared to be well greased though  :-)
  13. bilge pump button seems to work  :-)
  14. several scratches makes me wonder what all has been worked on...and how often...?
  15. registered in east Tennessee since 2007 (hoping it's only been in fresh water) ...before then, I don't know...
  16. IMG 7016
  17. IMG 7057
  18. what are those...triple prong-looking things bolted onto the rail?  they look useless...?
  19. IMG 6966
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