1. Sun burn and a bottle of tequila in the bahamas.
  2. The Sepoia in the bimini islanda.  Awesome fishing sopt
  3. ONE DAY!!!!  if i add all 5 of my boats length ,44,38,26,18,7 im still 40 feet short than this thing...
  4. Ahhh how Cute..
  5. Chi Town will be missed.
  6. Its great when you dont have to drive the boat..!
  7. Sagatuck Mich.. where the big boy is stored
  8. The Big Boy
  9. Chicago River.   Gonna Miss ya.. Hello Florida
  10. Nassau bahamas.. Miami to Bimin, to cat key,to nassau,to ahrbour island, to south Exuma and back.
  11. LIL Boogie
  12. Iguana on the baja that slapped my bud in the face with its tail.
  13. Michigan
  14. Saving $$$ on my slip
  15. The Don Johnson toy
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