K38 Shawn

Groovy Pics
  1. 2008 K38 IJSBA World Finals Course Marshal Training Program  
This is the international staff I trained to work Worlds. 5 different nations!
  2. IJSBA K38 World Finals 2008  
Alladio talking to staff
  3. IJSBA K38 World Finals 2008 Alladio on the track, IJSBA Water Safety Director
  4. puu.shfn2871 
Shawn Alladio PPE Kit
  5. puu.shfn2876 
Shawn Alladio
  6. puu.shfn3173 
K38 Alladio and Sgt. Colbert, pic for RIDE magazine 
Kawasaki ULTRA 260X 2009
  7. puu.shfn3707 
Shawn demonstrating multiple victim recovery
  8. puu.shfn3681 
Shawn Instructing at Morro BAy
  9. puu.shfn3689 
Shawn training on Morro Bay Honda rescue boat
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