1. with the killbag just holding ice and a few sodas, and the battery and anchor, with bait tank full on rightside, the ski is still very balanced. 
  2. tight squeeze!!! 
anchor and rope in the bag, second battery, and canyon killbag, holds up to 100lb of fish. also keeps beer super cold, and is the...
  3. IMG 4842
  4. to fill and empty the bait tank. 
I didn't want a raw water line, too much hassle, and another hole in the hull. no thanks
  5. current, I usually stow my cast net in the back of this compartment after filling up with bait
  6. after trying 3 different rope holders, this is what I found was easiest
  7. the side cleats suck ya know!! loose anchor being crooked into the current. my solution, tied to the bow winch cleat, so im held straight, and keep...
  8. Velcro holding gloves when needed
  9. all that crap, with bag closed and pushed to the front
  10. other side of crap
  11. can fit a lot of crap. got a warning from fwc for no extinguisher. so had to put one in
  12. penn tackle bag with flip top. hard bottom to keep its shape. has been a great setup for me so far.
  13. this is dec 2015. this is all I carry, after hours of shuffling gear on the ski where I needed it most. 
btw those yellow  line scissors are the best...
  14. I could have built a big cooler rack and spare gas tank, just didn't want that setup. had to build a bead roller from a crappy hand crank roller....
  15. ive put 30 hours on her so far since this august, and still solid.thankfully
  16. first il say I bought the ski as a basket case. the lower block is Frankenstein. its a non pv upper block, and a pv lower since the reeds didn't fit...
  17. took a break from the ski to get shot with 12g shotgun riot rounds at my favorite radio show for a stunt
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