1996 Polaris SL780 rebuild

SL780 with engine and pump issues, and a Shorelandr trailer for $400. Tearing it all down for a complete rebuild, nose to the ride plate.
  1. Jet Ski Block 01
  2. Electrical box, ground wire to Stator had been fried and mickey mouse repaired.I replaced the whole wire.
  3. Engine Rear shot.
  4. Replacement stainless steel Stator, installed all new bearings and seals.
  5. Original impeller on left had digested more than its share of rocks. Replacement 3 blade on right shown with stainless steel Stator.
  6. Mag piston had been destroyed, top ring completely gone, ruined the head. Center was damaged, started to bune a hole in the crown, PTO piston was...
  7. Original aluminum stator, very badly abused by previous owners.
  8. A better look at the Mag piston damage. All pistons getting replaced by Factory ART Polaris pistons and rings, going 0.50mm over bore.
  9. More of the Mag piston, damage can be seen on the cent piston. Will be rebuilding the Mikuni carbs, 65L fuel pump, etc. The crank is in very good...
  10. Gutted the hull completely.
  11. Hull in storage while rebuilding the engine.
  12. Shorelandr trailer with removable tongue, when removed I save 4 feet in my storage unit.
  13. Ready to take this one totally apart. Trailer tongue removed, getting new tires also for the trailer. Replaced the front bumper piece this week.
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