My gprxp once I got busy took about a month to get on the water. Started with a 137+4 91 mph 14lb of boost 3/4 tank of fuel in the Florida heat... GRF turbo off my RXP. Fun ski so far 95.9 with 15LBs. of boost.
  1. GPRXP river
  2. gprxpeng3
  3. GPRXP 137+4
  4. Speed with 137+4 wheel 14LBs. of boost 93 air temp, water temp 92 3/4 tank of fuel.
  5. Start of build with 137+4 wheel
  6. GRF turbo 14LB. boost 92MPH @ 9000 first time out 18 gal of fuel, 90 plus air temp same on water temp prop needs some work but good enough for low...
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