Mikuni Late 44's stock with primer kit from SBT

these photos are of the process I used to install the primer kid in my stock 44's in a 2001 and a 2004 Yamaha SUV Waverunner.
  1. IMAG0858
  2. IMAG0857
  3. IMAG0861
  4. IMAG0860
  5. IMAG0859
  6. Choke plate removed
  7. slide out the choke plate shaft
  8. screws removed from choke plate
  9. Red thread lock on the SBT plug.  This was a VERY tight fit already.  I used a narrow nail punch to slowly tap it in to place.
  10. the plug taps in all the way flush.
  11. The new SBT primer nipple also with a small drop of red thread lock.  Tap it in all the way flush.  Another extremely tight fit.  It even seemed a...
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